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Destiny Covenant Ministries
Destiny Covenant Church, Inc.
Sat, Oct 13 2012
You Can Be a Part of Destiny Covenant Ministries!

Mission Statement

At Destiny Covenant Ministries, we are committed to being a missional ministry of apostolic believers; helping others reach their God-ordained purposes; being the Church, and fulfilling the Great Commission in the earth..

Vision Statement

By “being the church,” the vision of Destiny Covenant Ministries is to reach the unchurched and disciple them in such a way that they become vibrant, members of the Body of Christ; knowing and pursuing their God-ordained purposes.  Although we may use certain traditional methodology for fulfilling our vision, we will not limit our methodology to that of “traditional church.”  Our vision is multi-faceted and can be described with four “key” words:

(1) Evangelism,

 (2) Education,

(3) Edification., and

(4) Empowerment.

Core Values

At Destiny Covenant Ministries we value and are committed to:

  • Powerful Strategic Prayer
  • Systematic Bible Study (Teaching)
  • Preaching the Word of God (Preaching)
  • Comprehensive, Systematic, and Age Appropriate Christian Education for all Ages
  • Efficient and Effective Evangelism
  • Dynamic Discipleship
  • Quality Outreach (to meet the needs of those who may not enter our four walls)
  • Developing Strong and Solidified Families
  • Inner Healing (Luke 4:18)
  • Worship that Touches Hearts and Bring Forth Change
  • Fellowship
  • Helping Others Understand and Pursue their Purposes
  • Integrity and Faithful Stewardship
  • Birthing Leaders
  • Giving Glory to God
  • Being a missional ministry, in such a way that the Apostolic Genius is activated
  • Gender Equality
  • “Being the Church” rather than “Doing Church”


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