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Destiny Covenant Ministries
Photo Gallery: Services and Conferences
Services and Conferences
God is Awesome!
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Apostle Baccus leading the Apostolic-Prophetic Conference 2013
Viewed 2175 times
Time of Reflection
Viewed 2141 times
We Give God Praise!
Viewed 2107 times
Grab Hold to the Word of God!
Viewed 2164 times
Apostolic Conference 2014! Awesome Word!
Viewed 2135 times
Reflecting on the Word of God!
Viewed 2131 times
The Late Elder (Pastor) Michael P. Summers, Co-Founder
Viewed 2074 times
Let's Praise the Lord!
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Viewed 2104 times
Elder Beverly Brooks Summers, Overseer - "The Prolific Word of God Coming Forth!"
Viewed 2400 times
Elder Beverly Summers at 2014 Apostolic Conference

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