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Culture of Destiny Church
   Discussion: Culture of Destiny Church
kevinmanuel · 1 year, 11 months ago
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  • Brian Tamaki at a church conference in Auckland (22 October 2006)
  • Lake City Church started with a membership of 20 people which within two years had grown to 300, and adopted the name "Destiny Church". At its peak in 2003, Destiny Church had a network of 19 churches throughout New Zealand, with a total membership in excess of 5,000. By June 2012 it had 11 remaining churches, with fewer than 3000 regular attendees. Churches have closed in Porirua, Wanganui and Dunedin.
  • The church provides not only religious guidance but also a range of social services including budget advice, support for drug addicts and provision of food and housing. The church also operates a composite school (catering for both primary and secondary students) which uses the Cambridge system.
  • Church services have a Pentecostal worship style, and sermons have a strongly conservative, literalist interpretation of Biblical teachings. Its membership is drawn mainly from lower socio-economic sections of New Zealand society and is multicultural, although predominantly Māori and Polynesian. Brian Tamaki is himself Māori, and the church has been identified as part of the Māori cultural renaissance of recent years. Peter Lineham has compared Destiny Church to the Ratana movement and linked with historical Christianity in Māoridom.
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